Happy Grateful Living was created by Narissa Singh, Personal Mastery Coach & Positive Psychology Practitioner, as an initiative to inspire a more compassionate world by encouraging and empowering people across the globe to practice gratitude and exhibit kindness towards others.
Our goal is to awaken the soul, connect and re-connect people, and deepen relationships; contributing to making our world being a more united, kinder, and happier place.
The products we choose to carry in our store are intended to foster practices of self-reflection, gratitude, compassion and kindness – towards self and others.
At HGL, we provide the tools that make it easy – and fun – for people of all ages to express thanks and appreciation, live mindfully, set goals, reveal dreams, and create a vision to look forward to; ultimately achieving a more purpose driven, fulfilling and satisfying life.
In our fast-paced lives, it is so easy to get caught up in distraction, disconnecting from ourselves and others. But imagine, for just a minute, taking little moments to quieten our minds and become grounded in the present, journal our thoughts and reflect on our greatest aspirations –little moments where we take time to truly focus in on what we hold dearest to our hearts.
What would happen if, in these little moments, we wrote a letter to our child as a keepsake; recorded treasured memories of a beloved parent or grandparent; expressed our deep appreciation for a dear friend or loved one, letting them know just how much they really mean to us; made a stranger smile and knew that we improved their day through a simple act of kindness? What impact, what transformation, what change would happen in our lives and the lives of those around us?
Our gift books, journals and notecards inspire action towards happy grateful living.
Let’s take that self-care break.
Let’s take a moment to sit and reflect on the good in our life.
Let’s journal about the good times, the tough times, the in-between times –uncovering how we feel and why.
Let’s list our goals and dreams, and explore how we can make a difference in the world by making a five-year planor top ten list of the things we want to achieve.
Let’s say thanks every day, or every week, or as often as we please.
Let’s tell those we care about how much we appreciate them.
Let’s say “thank you” for being an amazing friend, teacher, spouse, or just for being you.
Let’s celebrate our own lives and the lives of others.
Let’s give a gift that will uplift someone else – it might just be what they need in that moment.
Let’s leave little notes of affirmation everywhere – just because.
Let’s choose more happy, more kindness, more grateful living!

Happy Grateful Living – Savouring Life’s Little Moments.